Timor-Leste Youth Transforms Dili with Public Peace Art – A Symbol of Unity and Volunteerism

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(International) Mudansa- Today marks a historic milestone in the vibrant city of Dili as the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) unveils the result of a transformative collaboration with Grupu Arte Moris and Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL): The Public Peace Art project. This project, initiated by the global youth community, exemplifies a shared commitment to building peace through creativity and volunteerism.

Senada Assunção the Student from National University Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL), a dedicated member of IPYG and a representative of the youth of Timor-Leste, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to deliver a speech on this auspicious occasion. The project, encompassing various initiatives such as voluntary work and educational forums, aims to connect and inspire youth globally, fostering a sense of peace and serenity across borders.

Senada Assunção Deliver her Speech with the leader of Arte Moris, Photo: Felisbeto

This year, Timor-Leste’s youth actively participated in the international effort to build and maintain peace. Senada Assunção, herself a contributor to this initiative, shared her experience in a voluntary program and wall painting project in collaboration with Grupu Arte Moris. The completion of the Xanana Sport Centre wall marked a significant step, echoing the motivation to transform Díli into a city of peace.

“I want to thank to Grupu Arte Moris, that able to collaborate with us painting the wall. And they really gave us hopes, they are flexible taught us how to paint, and they said that the key to paint is to express yourself trough out your talent of painting,” said Senada Assunção in her speed during the Unveiling Cerimony of HWPL Public Peace Art at Xanana Export Centre, Saturday, (25/11/2023)

Senada Assunção highlighted the joy and camaraderie experienced during the painting process, noting the surprising involvement of many friends from her university. The project not only contributed to the aesthetic appeal of Díli but also facilitated discussions on peace and ideas to overcome youth conflicts. The outcomes include not only the tangible contribution to peace but also the heightened awareness among youth regarding the benefits of collaboration and effective communication.

“I believe that through the painting on the wall about peace, would transform our mindset and work,” She said.

The Principal executive advisor of Minister of Higher Education Rui Manuel Hanjam, expressed deep appreciation during the Unveiling Ceremony of the Public Peace Art project. He commended the dedication of young artists and university students, acknowledging their role in enhancing Dili’s aesthetic beauty and fostering a spirit of volunteerism.

The Principal executive advisor of Minister of Higher Education Rui Manuel Hanjam deliver his Speach, Photo: Felisberto

The Principal executive advisor emphasized that this project perfectly aligns with the vision for an educational system that imparts knowledge while instilling values for societal betterment. In closing, he invited everyone to revel in the beauty of the Public Peace Art, a symbol of unity and the shared desire for a peaceful world.

This celebration of creativity and volunteerism, made possible through the collaboration of visionary organizations and dedicated youth, stands as a testament to the positive impact achievable when passionate individuals unite for a common cause.

Journalist : Felisberto F. da Costa

Editor       : Orlando Magno

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