YouTube Ignites the Sleeping Talent of Carmelita

Online Platform Empowers Young Entrepreneur to Support Family and Inspire Others

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(Dili) Mudansa – Carmelita Martins Monis, a resident of Golgota sub-village, Komoro Village, Dom Aleixu Post administrative and Dili Municipality, has discovered her entrepreneurial talent and striving for financial independence with the help of YouTube. Through the platform, she has learned to create exquisite pearl bracelets, which not only contribute to her studies but also support her family.

In a recent interview with Mudansa Media, Carmelita revealed that the idea to learn independently and start her own business originated from her own thoughts. “YouTube became my source of inspiration, as I watched countless videos to master the art of making pearl bracelets. While I am currently unable to produce them in bulk, therefore, I purchase a bag of pearls for $2.00 from super-market Timor-Diak and craft a bracelet that costs only $1.00. I take orders from customers and earn between $6.00 to $7.00 per day,” she explained

Pearl bracelets ready to sell

Carmelita’s business is thriving, with an average of 3 to 7 customers purchasing her bracelets daily. Her strategy is tailoring the bracelets to fit each customer’s hand, ensuring customer satisfaction. Her success has allowed her to support her younger siblings, following her elder sister’s recent marriage and departure from the family home.

“Despite having recently completed my education, I keep continue to attend an English language course at ETDA. I recognize the numerous benefits my small business provides, not only financially but also in terms of personal development and caring for my family,” she said

With a determined spirit, Carmelita encourages young people to seize opportunities and not waste valuable time. She emphasizes the importance of seeking support from family and taking pride in one’s abilities, as they have the potential to positively impact and uplift their families.

Carmelita’s inspiring story highlights the transformative power of online platforms like YouTube. It serves as a reminder that these platforms can empower individuals to learn, innovate, and establish their own businesses. Carmelita’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to others, demonstrating that with determination and support, one can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Journalist : Zimidonio Castro Ximens

Editor       : Felisberto F. Da Costa

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