Parents’ Lack of Means Drives Martinho to Start a Small Business to Fund His Education

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(Dili) Mudansa – Martinho Maris Barboza from the Baucau Municipality, aged 30, has decided to start a small business because his Parent’s financial support is lacking. He sells phone credit, cigarettes, masks, and fried bananas to fund his studies at the National Timor Lorosae University (UNTL).

“At the age of 30, from the Baucau Municipality, I have been relying on the sales of phone credit, cigarettes, masks, and fried banana for the past five years to pay for my education. I decided to do this because my parents, my younger sibling, does not have any financial support, and I want to support my education,” said local seller Martinho Maris Barboza to Media Mudansa journalist at Largo Lesidere, Dili, on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

He explained, both his parents are elderly, with his father having physically disabled hands and his mother also being of old age and retired. Therefore, they are unable to provide any financial assistance. Martinho sells these items to help family and also to pay for his own education.

“This is why I sell phone credit, cigarettes, masks, and school supplies, to at least provide some support for my studies. Currently, I am pursuing my studies at National Timor Lorosae University, majoring in agriculture, and I am currently in my 8th semester,” he stated.

Martinho lives in a household of eight, with four girls and four boys. Among the eight, two have completed their education and are continuing their studies at the university. However, because of financial constraints, they are struggling to make ends meet. They are capable of continuing their education, but due to the economic challenges, they might not be able to. Parents’ lack of financial means prevents them from focusing on their university education.

“There are eight of us, and I sell these items to help payed for his education, as well as support my two siblings who are still in school. They have both completed their education, but they are facing difficulties due to economic constraints. They have the capacity to continue their education, but because of financial issue, they might not be able to focus on their university education,” he informed.

Martinho appeals to young people and students across Timor-Leste, especially those facing financial difficulties like him, to make efforts to secure their future, support family, pay for their own education, and also assist their siblings in their educational endeavors.

Journalist: Gaudencia Belo

Editor : Felisberto F. da Costa

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