United Kingdom’s Royal Navy Ship HMS Spey Arrives in Timor-Leste as Part of Indo-Pacific Engagement Strategy

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(International) Mudansa- Mr Dominic Jermey CVO OBE, non-resident Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste stated that this is a momentous event that underscores the United Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to economic, security, and cultural engagement, the Royal Navy Ship HMS Spey has made a significant arrival in Timor-Leste. This visit serves as a vital component of the UK’s Indo-Pacific strategy, showcasing a dedication to fostering strong ties with the region.

Amid the global challenges posed by climate change, the HMS Spey shines as a beacon of environmental responsibility. Standing out as the ‘greenest’ and most environmentally friendly vessel in the Royal Navy fleet, the ship boasts catalytic converters that have been expertly installed in the funnel uptakes. This innovative technology is instrumental in the reduction of CO2 emissions, symbolizing a shared commitment to combatting climate change.

“Timor-Leste Matters, Timor-Leste is very important to United Kingdom. Timor-Leste is also important to Royal Navy Ship HMS Spey. Timor-Leste is important to me personally because I was you 23 years ego to accompany you to your journey to Independence. I am pleased to returning to Timor-Leste to present my credentials as the new British ambassador, this afternoon to your president Jose Ramos Horta,” British Ambassador (Elect) to Timor-Leste Dominic Jermey stated at the Port of Dili after welcoming the Royal Navy Ship HMS Spey, Friday, (25/08/2023)

In Addition, there are substantial Timorese community residing in the United Kingdom, numbering between 30,000 to 50,000 individuals. The contributions of this community are deeply valued and appreciated by the UK, “We very much support legal migration, legal visits by Timorese to come and study and work in the United Kingdom,”.

Underscoring the paramount importance of education for Timor-Leste’s future, the UK takes great pride in the educational achievements of key figures within Timorese society. Numerous individuals holding significant roles, including Timor-Leste’s ambassador to the UK, have completed university degrees and master’s courses in the United Kingdom.

A recent milestone was the inauguration of a training program designed to equip Timorese civil servants with essential skills, tailored to the nation’s upcoming membership in ASEAN, a pivotal step towards enhancing regional cooperation.

Crucially, the UK’s commitment to education is exemplified through its renowned Chevening scholarship program. As a new round of scholarships is set to launch shortly, Timorese students are encouraged to seize this opportunity, which is pivotal in advancing their educational aspirations and contributing to Timor-Leste’s progress.

Journalist : Felisberto Fernandes da Costa

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