Leonia Believes Detox Can Cure Various Diseases

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(DILI) Mudansa – Leonia Lemos, the CEO, and owner of Mirtejes-F Company, is a young woman driven by innovative thinking. She has developed a local product called Detox to help communities heal from various illnesses.

“Our communities face numerous diseases such as cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. These health issues have a significant impact on our organs, including the liver, kidneys, and lungs, affecting society on a daily basis,” She informed

Leonia emphasizes that our dietary choices greatly affect our bodies, and making conscious decisions about what we eat is crucial for our health recovery.

“Detox allows us to focus on our bodies while addressing societal health and agricultural issues. Through her production of dry fruit detox, Leonia aims to shed light on the health and agricultural problems our society faces,” She explained

Raw Materials needed for Detox Production

To produce Detox, Leonia utilizes raw materials obtained from agriculture. Agriculture produces a wide variety of foods that provide essential vitamins and minerals for our health. Unfortunately, a lot of food goes to waste despite its many benefits. Leonia seeks to address this issue by utilizing surplus food products.

The raw materials used for Detox include seeds, cucumbers, apples, lemons, pineapples, and more. These fruits provide numerous benefits to our bodies, promoting healing, and providing strength for individuals engaged in physical and office work. Mirtejes-F Company produces three types of detox diets, including weight loss and health improvement diets, to ensure overall well-being through vitamin supplementation.

Leonia offers Detox products for sale, with a single detox product available for $2.50. This includes a small bottle of water for consumption within a day. Alternatively, a package of detox products can be purchased for $15 to be consumed throughout the week, allowing individuals to observe their body’s reactions during the recovery process.

Leonia suggests that the public should vary their diet over one to three days instead of consuming only one type of food in a day.

Leonia Lemos, as the CEO and owner of Mirtejes-F Company, understands the significance of addressing these problems in Timor-Leste, with many young people actively seeking solutions.

CEO and owner of Mirtejes-F Company

In 2019, Leonia participated in a competition organized by IADE, where she innovated a local product, dry fruit detox. This detoxification product was designed to benefit our bodies. She received funding from the competition, which enabled her to reopen Mirtejes-F Company, serving the public and creating opportunities for young people.

Securing the second place in the competition, Leonia used the prize money to resume the production of detox fruits, aiming to save lives.

This approach raises awareness among agricultural communities to cultivate more detox fruits, ensuring a continuous supply for the public. When society recognizes the benefits of local products and they reach the market, it contributes to the development of agriculture. By purchasing these fruits, communities in need can be assisted. Detox aids in reducing diseases within individuals’ bodies.

Detox is an effective method to eliminate toxins from the body, increase the intake of vital vitamins and minerals, and improve overall well-being.

“To reminding everyone that the food we consume not only strengthens our bodies and provides energy for work but also supplies essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the well-being of our organs,” She concluded

Journalist: Honorio Guterres

 Editor: Orlando Magno

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