To Comply the Decree Law nu. 33/2008, Taibesi Market Sellers Initiate the Friday cleaning Movement

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(Dili) Mudansa – Taibesi Market Sellers have taken the initiative to implement the Friday Cleaning movement, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 33/2008, which emphasizes hygiene and public order. The Komunidade Negosiante Progresivu (KNP) spearheads this effort, aiming to ensure the successful implementation of the law and improve cleanliness at the market.

The KNP, committed to defending Market Seller’s rights and disseminating relevant information on applicable laws, extends its support beyond Taibesi Market, encompassing all Sellers in Timor-Leste.

Armando da Silva, a Taibesi Market Seller (plastic goods seller) and an active member of the KNP expressed that the primary objective of the initiative is to conduct regular general cleaning activities every Friday at Taibesi Market or the terminal. The aim is to provide a clean and hygienic environment for Sellers and buyers during market activities.

This endeavor is not limited to Dili Sellers alone; it extends to Sellers from other municipalities as well. By performing this weekly cleaning activity, Sellers fulfill their role and obligation to protect their health, prevent diseases and pests, and ensure environmental safety.

Implementation of Cleaning Activities at Taibesi Market
Photo: Marsel

However, the cleaning process faces various challenges, including a lack of coordination and communication between Sellers and market entities such as security personnel, cleaners, and movement groups. Consequently, Sellers’ participation in the cleaning activities has significantly decreased.

While many Sellers have yet to fully embrace the responsibility for maintaining market cleanliness, the cleaning activity remains voluntary, driven by each trader’s initiative and will. There are no penalties or obligations imposed on Sellers in relation to this cleaning activity.

Moreover, the cleaning team encounters difficulties due to the inadequate availability of essential cleaning facilities and equipment such as brooms, large forks, gloves, masks, etc. This scarcity could jeopardize the health of the Sellers.

Armando da Silva shared his observations with Media Mudansa Journalist following the Friday cleaning at Taibesi Market on July 7, 2023. He expressed disappointment with the limited involvement and contribution from the market management team and cleaners. Security personnel often remain passive observers, failing to provide assistance when needed. While a few individuals do lend a hand, a prevailing sense of indifference prevails among many.

Armando further explained that some individuals who watch from a distance occasionally become aggressive, resorting to verbal insults targeting both young people and Sellers. Although hurt by these actions, Sellers are unable to respond due to their limited authority.

Armando also highlighted a lack of trust and coordination within the market management team. The fact is that according to the orientation schedule, the cleaners are supposed to start cleaning at 7 am, but some come very early at 5 am, and some come at 7 am, but they can only sweep the garbage and do not collect it

Additionally, Sellers have noticed a lack of interest from the market management team and security personnel in collaborating with Sellers to enhance cleanliness. Attention is only given during inspections of Sellers’ goods.

Furthermore, Sellers observe that drivers do not actively participate in the cleaning activities, as they continue to search for passengers instead.

In conclusion, Armando da Silva called for unity among all Market Sellers and members of the Komunidade Negosiante Progresivu (KNP) to strengthen their relationships and collectively advocate for a cleaner and healthier environment at Taibesi Market. In anticipation of a new government, he urged authorities to facilitate effective communication channels and cooperation to restore the national market’s reputation.

Journalist: Felisberto Fernandes da Costa

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