The second Peace Public Art Project by HWPL

Transforming Timor - Leste into a City of Peace with Peace Media

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(International) Mudansa- From February 10th, the second Public Peace Art Project, hosted by the collaboration between HWPL, an International Peace Organization and News-VIP TV, began.

This event took place in Kakaulidun, Dili City, Timor Leste, and approximately 50 individuals, including youth, artists from the Kakaulidun village, and university student volunteers, participated in mural painting. The ongoing peace mural project is being cooperatively carried out by eight universities in Dili, including the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL)

and the University of Dili (UNDIL), as well as 10 media outlets such as Timor-leste Press Council,

Dili Post, G-news, Journal Independence, Lafaek News, Media Mundansa, News-VIP TV,

STL news, Tatoli and Timor-post in conjunction with youth, culture, and arts sectors,

MAMURA Arts Group and Arte Moris Arts Group. HWPL organized this event to enhance collaboration with cooperative media outlets for the development of local communities and the realization of peace in Timor Leste through mural painting.

This event is aimed to transform the walls at the entrance of the village into messages of peace,

in order to transfrom Dily into a city of peace with Peace Media. Following the successful

first Peace Art Project held at the Xanana Sports Center in Dili in July last year, the theme of the second Peace Art Project is ‘Peace Media’. Specifically, it aims to depict the transformation of Dili, Timor Leste, into a city of peace through the joint efforts of peace media. The mural feature logos of 10 media outlets collaborating with HWPL to further enhance cooperation with them. Additionally, ongoing peace activities in Timor-Leste are also included.

For this Peace Art Project, materials required for the mural, such as paints and brushes were donated by Vinod Patel and Painting Company Berger. Design and coloring expertise for the mural were directed by Mamura Arts Group and the Korea Artist Association. Regarding the manpower for the project, volunteers recruited from the International Peace Youth Group and News-VIP TV. Furthemore, NewsVIP TV supported the project by providing lunch for artists and water for all volunteers to cheer them on. HWPL officially sent the documents to Mrs. Joaninha Alves Soares, Chief of Bairo Pite Village, affirming that the purpose of the Public Peace Art is for the public benefit of the peace city, Dili, and that all costs and manpower needed for the Public Peace Art Project are covered entirely through donations and volunteer efforts.

 Professor JOÃO A. SOARES reflected on the 1st public art project, noting that it brought about results such as enhancing public spaces and aesthetics, as well as fostering a sense of community pride and identity. He also mentioned that the project encouraged public engagement and dialogue. In particular, he emphasized that for the youth, it resulted in positive outcomes such as developing a mentality where they become creative individuals and innovate in their respective roles. Regarding the role of youth in the process of building peace in Timor-Leste, he highlighted that it involves their participation, collaboration with village leaders and community leaders, and engaging in volunteer activities as community service.

HWPL plans to continue its ongoing collaboration with local community stakeholders for the development of the Timor-Leste region and the realization of peace. In addition to peace mural projects, HWPL aims to transform Dili City into a city of peace through various activities such as Peace Journalism Education, Peace education, and expand peace activities across various regions of Timor-Leste.







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