Young Seller Helena Balances Business and Education

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(Dili), Mudansa – Life is a journey that starts with determination, but success doesn’t happen overnight. The story of Helena Fernandes, a young Seller, reflects the significance of seizing opportunities and working hard from an early age.

In a recent interview with the media Mudansa, Helena shared her inspiring tale at the bustling Taibesi Market Terminal. Her voice resonated with determination and a passion for knowledge.

“I engage in selling cakes to not only support my parents but also fund my education. Despite my tender age, I am driven to learn and strive for success,” Helena expressed with a resolute tone.

Each day, at the break of dawn, Helena rises at 4:00 a.m. to lend a hand to her mother in preparing the cakes. Following the morning preparations, she proceeds to the market to sell her cakes, making the most of every opportunity before heading to school.

Helena disclosed that a day she could fetch an impressive $7.00 up to $10.00 income, but sometimes zero. Because it is up to the preferences and desire of the customers.

“Our expenses for each bag include a mere $1.00 for flour, but unfortunately, for the big sack sometimes we lack sufficient funds to buy it,” Helena revealed, highlighting the financial challenges her family faces.

Her parents currently find themselves without employment, making their livelihood dependent on small-scale business ventures like Helena does.

Undeterred by these circumstances, Helena encourages her peers to learn, stressing the importance of actively seeking opportunities and striving for success. She firmly believes that when one pursues a genuinely valuable endeavor, there will always be people willing to lend their support.

Helena Franqluin Fernandes, 11 years old, hails from the Bobonaro Municipality. She currently resides in Kalma Taibesi and, attending the sixth grade in primary school at Ai-tur Laran.

The remarkable journey of this young entrepreneur serves as a testament to the determination and resourcefulness found within the younger generation. Helena’s story encourages others to embrace the challenges they face and transform them into stepping stones toward a brighter future.

Journalist: Zemidonio Martins

Editor       : Felisberto Fernandes da Costa

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