Business man Ernesto Fernandes Advocates Self-Reliance and Support for Education

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(Dili) Mudansa – Recognizing the importance of personal responsibility and self-reliance, Ernesto Fernandes, a determined and ambitious young entrepreneur, encourages fellow youths to break free from financial dependency on their families. He believes that relying solely on family for monetary support hampers personal growth, and instead, young people should strive to earn their own income to support their independent lives and future aspirations.

As he pursues his studies at the University of Peace (UNPAZ), majoring in Public Health with a focus on the Nutrition Department, Fernandes has taken a proactive step to ensure his own financial stability. In addition to his academic pursuits, he has embraced entrepreneurship by selling phone credits and cigarettes. By allocating time to these ventures, Fernandes not only guarantees his own pocket money but also contributes to his family’s support, who have been steadfast in backing his educational journey.

Speaking with Mudansa Media at Rotunda Nicolao Lobatu Komoro Dili on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, Fernandes expressed his determination, stating, “I am studying at UNPAZ, specializing in Public Health, Nutrition Department. However, I dedicate some of my time to selling cigarettes and phone credits to sustain my own financial needs and also contribute to the family’s support.”

From the outset, Fernandes strategically invested in purchasing cigarettes to establish his business. Suria cigarettes cost $19.00, Marlboro cigarettes are priced at $27.50, and L.A cigarettes amount to $22.50. Additionally, he also offers Suria juice for $2.75, L.A for $2.50, and Marlboro cigarettes for $3.50. He clarified, “The initial funds I used to purchase cigarettes came from the $80.00 my parents provided. It served as the foundation for my small business, aiming to avoid financial dependency.”

Fernandes emphasized the need for emerging individuals to adopt a principle of self-reliance and responsibility for themselves and their families. He firmly believes that the youth of Timor-Leste should redirect their thoughts away from criminal activities that lead to conflicts and instead unite to contribute to the development of their nation.

Addressing the relevant parties, particularly the 9th government, Fernandes advocated for greater importance to be given to those interested in pursuing higher education. He highlighted the financial obstacles faced by many individuals who aspire to continue their studies but lack the means to do so. He stated, “I urge the relevant parties, especially the 9th government, to prioritize supporting those who are eager to pursue further education. Many individuals have the desire to attend university but are unable to afford it.”

Ernesto Fernandes, originally from Matau village, Besoru suku, Watulari administrative post, Viqueque municipality, currently resides in Kampung Baru Dili. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to personal growth and family support serve as an inspiration to young people striving for independence and success.

Intern: Zemidonio Martins

Editor: Orlando Magno

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