Timor Plaza is now housing more than 3,000 employees in the Compound TP

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(Dili), Mundasa- The owner of Timor Plaza, Tony Jape, said today in that his business has already created employment for over 3,000 people and a significant number of employment opportunities have been created directly and indirectly with partners, tenders, vendors and suppliers to ensure a sustainable economic development in Timor-Leste.

“Timor Plaza opened its door to its tenders and customers in October 2011. Today more than 10 years later, Timor Plaza remains the first and the only modern shopping centre with an integrated Compound in Dili. Mr. Jape plans to continue to further expand the operation in Timor Plaza and call it Dili Centre. “At Timor plaza we already have CBD1 to CBD8 and we have already made a start on building CBD 10.” He said.

Obviously, the economy is growing and we are able to rebuild our economy and move forward. Now, in Timor Plaza we employ more than 300 people and we will continue to expand and we are looking at more employment opportunities there.

Tony Jape stated this during his speech at a ceremony for the final competition of an innovative business competition for youth entrepreneurs at the Dili Convention Centre, in Caicoli, on Thursday, (02/06/22)

He also said, “But in total, we in Timor Plaza, Dili Centre, have more than 3,000 people working there every day in that Compound itself. Therefore, a significant number of job opportunities we have already created directly, or indirectly, with all our partners, tenders and suppliers.”

“So, how do we create job opportunity in the Compound domestically? We create through our tenders, our vendors, our supplier and our business partners. Each of the business partners employ more people as their business grows.”

“Through this strategy, we create more demand, new business opportunities and we create more job opportunities. It is expected that the cycle will continue to repeat itself, ensuring a sustainable economic development in the country, a strong economy and a means to continue to provide job opportunities to our young people.”

“To the many young entrepreneurs that I see here today, I would like to share a bit of our life experience, how our family started small and grew to the much bigger company it is today. Back In 1910, when my grandfather started his business in Maubara we had a very small kiosk. He sold fruits, vegetable and some of the basic necessity items like a toothbrush and toothpaste”.

“He worked hard, starting every day at 5 a.m and he worked seven days a week. At the same time, he never forgot to send us to a better education and we started to move to schools in Dili. And my father came out to start his business here. In 1975, we were forced to take refuge in Darwin, Australia.

At that time in Darwin was not easy, but we had to make a living, so all our brothers worked together and started small business, Today, we have a very big operation Darwin.”

“I would like to encourage young entrepreneurs, to understand some of the things I have shared about my family. It is important to go in to business but do not always think that you can only do small business; but you can also make it into a big business. You must continue to go forward to improve your business step by step, year by year. There are a lot of things you need to do right to make sure you expand your business.”

“There are a few important guidelines here, that I would like to share, especially to those contestants who have make to the final round today. I have this message; to be brave to act when opportunities presents itself. If you do not see any opportunity then be innovative, be creative and willing to take risks. Dream big and do not be afraid to start small. Many big success stories started with humble beginnings, just like our family’s story.”

“Do not forget hard work, diligence and perseverance and do not give up easily.  Stay on track, set your priorities and focus on what you do. Plan properly, many failures are caused by the lack of proper planning.”

Journalist : Felisberto Fernandes

Editor        : Robert Trott

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